Sunday, August 11, 2019

Weekly Menu Plan for August 11-17, 2019

Here we are in the middle of August already, with the kids all back in school, and summer still in full bloom!  I wish the kids didn't go back so early.  There is still so much swimming to do!

Here is my meal plan for this week.  It's filled with low carb, gluten free meals that I will enjoy all week long!

For a printable menu, please click HERE.
For recipe links and notes, please see below.
Refreshing Fruity Shake is from Darcie's Dish - this was SO GOOD!  I made it this morning, and we drank all of it!  Refreshing is right!

Creamy Ham and Broccoli Low Carb Casserole is from My Montana Kitchen

Gluten Free Pineapple Upside Down Cake is from Noshtastic - can't wait to try this, it smells and looks so good!

Chocolate Hazelnut Shake is from T J's Taste - I found the hazelnut extract at Menard's, of all places!  They have a huge selection of Watkins spices and extracts!  WHO KNEW???

Grilled Herb Butter Steak is from Seeking Good Eats - we are actually grilling this out tonight (Sunday) and doing the Creamy Ham and Broccoli Casserole tomorrow night - Meijers had top sirloin steaks on sale for about $4.00 a pound.

No Bake Breakfast Cookie Oatmeal is from T J's Taste

Meat Roma Pie is from A Home With Purpose

Pumpkin Pecan Cake is from My Montana Kitchen

Low Carb Waffles are from Joy Filled Eats

Taco Stack Ups are from The Well Planned Kitchen

Gluten Free French Silk Pie is from Now Find Gluten Free

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Casserole is from Nana's Little Kitchen

Pizza Omelet is from The Moments At Home

Crockpot BBQ Ribs are from The Rising Spoon

Cinnamon Roll Protein Smoothie is from My Montana Kitchen

And there you have it!  That's what we will be eating all week.  Hope you can find an idea or a menu you like here!  Take care care, and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Menu Plan for Week of July 21-27, 2019

Hot enough for you?  I think most of us would say, "YES!"  Definitely ice cream weather!

This summer has flown by, I just cannot believe we are in the last full week of July!  My daughter goes back to work teaching TOMORROW already!  The grandkids go back in 2 weeks, so I will be heading over there to supervise them during the day.  I have a feeling grandpa will be taking the little one to the pool most days.  The older two are in marching band at the high school, and have practice most days all day long.  We may find some time for a little back to school shopping, too!  I always love shopping for new school supplies and clothes!  This year we have a senior in high school, a sophomore, and a third grader.  Unbelievable!

This week's menu continues to focus on not heating up the kitchen.  Although we are in for a short cool down, it only lasts a couple days and then back up to the upper 80's.  Since I'll be watching the kids for a couple weeks, I also need quick to fix meals, or foods I can prep early in the morning and finish quickly when I get home.

One thing you may notice is that I went back to breakfasts.  I am still eating a lot of fruit in the morning, but we were getting a little bored with just fruit.  So I kicked it up a little to break the monotony.

Here is this week's menu plan:
For a printable copy, please click HERE.
Recipe links and notes are below.

Pork Chops with Parmesan Sauce is from Taste of Home - these are skillet pork chops, no oven required.  I usually make 8 pork chops so we can have leftovers for lunch.  I double the sauce.  To make the sauce gluten free, I heat the milk in the skillet, and then whisk in 1 tablespoon of cornstarch dissolved in some water and cook until it thickens.  This is in place of the flour.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie is from Recipes Simple - I made this yesterday afternoon, and tweaked it so it is gluten free.  I made a Cinnamon Chex crust that is no bake, and the rest was gluten free. I sliced the strawberries instead of putting whole strawberries into the pie.  Last night I wanted to try it, but it was still pretty soft and didn't want to cut.  It wound up being a scoop of pie.  I will try it today and see if it slices better.

Chicken Fried Rice is from Mantitlement - this is so good, and there are quite a few fried rice recipes on this site that sound so good!

No Bake Lemon Cheesecake is from Together As Family - another cold, creamy dessert that I will tweak to make gluten free.

Gluten Free Biscuits and Gravy is from Hello Gluten Free - gluten free sausage gravy doesn't have to be complicated.  This recipe is just perfect for me.  And full disclosure, I probably won't make the biscuits but will serve the gravy over toast.  I will try the biscuits when the weather cools!

Creamy Pea Salad is from The Recipe Critic

Gluten Free Banana Pudding is from Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake - I wasn't able to find the Schar gluten free shortbread cookies when I went shopping, so I am subbing gluten free vanilla wafers from Kinnikinnick

Oatmeal Cookie Baked Oatmeal is from Budget Bytes - I know, I caved and will use the oven!

Easy Tiramisu is from Kitchen Nostalgia - I couldn't find gluten free ladyfingers anywhere, or a reasonable substitute, so I might just make this regular and not gluten free.

So that is a wrap for this week!  I hope you find a recipe or two to use for your dinners this week!  Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Weekly Menu Plan Week of July 14-20, 2019

Remember when I used to post menus for every week?

It seems like a long time since I've been here! It's so nice to be back and getting back into my routine again.

We are definitely into summer now.  The forecast is for the 90's all week, and it is a dry heat here.  I can't believe I am actually saying we need rain, after all the rain we had this spring!  But it is pretty dry out there right now.

In the summer, I like to keep my house, including the kitchen, cool.  That means minimal baking for me.  I try to keep meals simple, and desserts cold.  I use the grill a lot, and I love stovetop cooking for the summer months.

This week, I have an easy menu plan that features very little oven time.  When I do bake in the summer, I usually get it done early in the morning.  There are a couple new recipes for me to try here, especially the shrimp boil.  I have been wanting to try one, so this week I will give it go!

Here is the menu plan for this week:
To get a printable menu, please click HERE.
Recipe links and notes are below.

For dinner, I make this sandwich just like a BLT but add turkey lunchmeat.  For my sandwich, I use gluten free bread.

Sausage, Broccoli, and Rice Skillet is from Mom on Timeout

Apple Crumble Pie is from Joy Food Sunshine

Seafood Pasta Salad is from - glad is back!  I didn't really understand the whole Genius Kitchen thing, but glad they have gone back to what works.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake is from Bonitappetit

Classic Chicken Salad is from Dinner Then Dessert

No Bake Cherry Yum Yum is from The Country Cook

Keto Instant Pot BBQ Ribs are from Beauty and the Foodie

Country Shrimp Boil is from Lady Behind the Curtain

And that's it for this week!  Easy and cool!  I hope you can find an idea or recipe here that you like! Have a great mid-July week!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Long Time No See

Did you notice I haven't been here in weeks??  I was away from home and my computer, watching grandkids while their parents were away on a dream vacation.

But I'm back home again, and I can say that everyone had a great time, including myself!  Although, it is good to be back home and back to my old routine!

While I was away, I didn't blog, for a number of reasons.  I needed a little break--and I sure got one!  During that time, I decided I wanted to change my blog, but couldn't decide how to do that.

So, I started a new one!  It is called Grammy's Apple Pie Cottage, and it is brand spanking new!  It is going to be the where I share a daily devotion, recipes, and my sewing projects.

This blog, The Spirited Life of Grammy, is going to be only for my menu plans, which will resume this weekend.  I will continue to post them as I have for the past year or so.  

For my new blog, I was wanting a place like Grandma's kitchen or front porch.  A place where you could visit and take away a recipe or a good, comfy feeling.  This world is a crazy place, and more and more I think we all need a place to go that gives us some light, some comfort, some relaxation, and some refreshment.  And something good.  Something that gives us the feeling we had when grandma wrapped her chubby arms around us and hugged us close.  A cookie jar kind of blog.

So that is what I aim to make it.  Unapologetically Christian and wholesome.  Something for your mind, your heart, your mouth, and your hands.  And hopefully you will find something there that will bring you a smile!

Here is the link to take you to my new blog:  Grammy's Apple Pie Cottage    

Drop by and visit soon!  There's not much there now, but I will be adding posts regularly!

And I will see you back here this weekend with my menu plan for next week!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Menu for Week of June 2-8, 2019

Almost halfway through the year already - unbelievable!!

This week's menu plan is a little different, because I am not at home on my computer.  I am staying with the granddaughters for a bit, and I'm using their computer and don't want to start saving a bunch of my stuff on it!  So this week, no pretty picture to go with the menu, I'm down to the basics!  

Here we go!  All meal plans are gluten free!!

Breakfast all week is Fruit Salad

Dinner and Dessert are as follows:

Sunday, 6-2:  

Spanish Rice

Monday 6-3:

Dinner Rolls
Ice Cream Sundaes

Tuesday 6-4:

Turkey Sandwich
Tomato Basil Soup
Chocolate Pudding

Wednesday 6-5:

Sloppy Joe Sandwiches
French Fries
Carrots with Ranch Dip
Thursday 6-6:

Egg Rolls
Tossed Salad

Friday 6-7:

Tossed Salad

Saturday 6-8:

Tortilla Chips
Leftover Desserts

Sorry it's not prettier this week!  But that's a wrap for the coming week!  Hope you can find a meal or two that sounds good for your family!  Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Menu Plan for May 26-June 1, 2019

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  I hope you all have a safe, fun holiday while we remember and honor those who served our country.

Here in Indy, we are hoping the weather cooperates with the Indy 500.  This morning it looks good, just hoping the rain holds off until this evening!  We have gone to the race several times, but this year we will listen to it on the radio.  There is nothing like the opening ceremony, it just makes me tear up every year.  I still miss Jim Nabors and Florence Henderson!  Nobody could sing Back Home Again in Indiana like Jim Nabors!

School is out here, and it looks like a busy summer for grandma.  I am watching grandkids for several weeks while parents take some much needed vacation time.  The grandkids are in so many activities, they didn't want to go on vacation but wanted to stay here!  I find that hard to imagine!  But that's okay with me, I will get to spend some grandma time with them!

I totally forgot about Memorial Day when I was making the menu for this week!  Gheesh!  So tomorrow we are grilling out hamburgers and sausages, with potato salad and chips. Nothing fancy, everyone is busy getting ready for trips.  So that will throw my menu off a day, but I will catch up next week.  It will just show up on next week's menu, because I already grocery shopped.

Here is the menu for this week:
If you would like a printable copy, please click HERE.
Recipe links and notes are below.

Fruit Salad - I think I will always eat fruit salad for breakfast!  I have lost 9 pounds so far, and I love this light but filling breakfast!  I take whatever fruits I have, slice and dice and make a HUGE bowl of it, and eat a bowl for breakfast.  This week it is apples, bananas, clementines, peaches, nectarines, pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries.

Gluten Free Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole is from Low Carb with Jennifer - a new recipe for me but it sounds delicious!

Amish Peanut Butter Pie is from The Baking ChocolaTess - I am using a gluten free pie crust

Creamy Pea Salad is from The Recipe Critic - love this salad!

Gluten Free Lasagna is from Gluten Free On A Shoestring - I am cutting a few corners and using jarred spaghetti sauce

Easy Shepherd's Pie is from Cincy Shopper - to make this gluten free, I am subbing cornstarch for the flour - use 1 tbsp of cornstarch instead of the flour

Pina Colada Fruit Salad is from Taste of Home - so fresh-tasting and summery!

Chicken Fried Rice is from The Cookin Chicks - this is one of my favorites and I could eat it every day!

Apple Pie is from Betty Crocker - I am not making this gluten free, because I don't want to be tempted!  I will just have the ala mode part!

Baked Beans are from The Chunky Chef - these are delicious!

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad is from Genius Kitchen - my family loves this salad!

Gluten Free Almond Flour Brownies are from King Arthur - I have a ton of almond flour and am trying to use it up!

That's it for this week!  I hope you have a wonderful week, and that you find a recipe or two - or even a meal plan - that you like here!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Menu Plan for May 19-25, 2019

Another school year coming to a close this week!  I can't believe it!  Next school year, I will be the grandma of a senior, a sophomore, and a third grader!  It seems like last week that I was going to the senior-to-be's kindergarten graduation!

I guess the saying is true - life comes at you fast!  I think next year will be a whirlwind!

This week's menu plan has quite a variety of foods, except of course for breakfast.  I am continuing on with my fruit salads for breakfast, which is just so good for me!  It holds me well until lunchtime, and I find that I even forget to eat lunch some days until I look at the clock and see it is past 1:00!!  I wish I would have started this sooner!  Last week I weighed in, and have lost 6 pounds.  That motivated me to keep trying!  I have a couple autoimmune disorders, and losing weight just does not happen easily for me.  It will take me forever to lose more, but I feel so much better it is totally worth it!

We are breaking out the grill for summer, so I have a couple meals that are from the grill.  I also chose a main dish salad to lighten up dinner on those hot days.  I don't like to heat up the kitchen in the summer, so I choose a lot of meals from the grill, as well as salads.

Here is the menu for this week:
If you would like a printable menu, please click HERE.
Recipe notes and links are below.

Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli is from Table for Two - I will not have an egg roll, because I have yet to find gluten free egg rolls!

Gluten Free New York Cheesecake is from Genius Kitchen - basically it is a New York Cheesecake without the crust

Crockpot Swedish Meatballs are from The Country Cook - I love these and could eat them every day!  I use gluten free cream of mushroom soup and gluten free French onion soup.

Gluten Free Peach Blueberry Crisp is from Build Your Bite - new recipe for me!

Crockpot Pork Loin with Gravy is from Recipes That Crock - easy and delicious, I use gluten free brown gravy mix and gluten free cream of mushroom soup.  I also throw in a couple shakes of balsamic vinegar.

Gluten Free Chicken and Dumplings is from Mama Knows Gluten Free - my favorite gluten free cooking site!  I love this meal!

Sloppy Joes are from The Chunky Chef - easy and delicious!

Ham and Cheese Chopped Salad is from The Salty Marshmallow - keeps the kitchen cool!

Brown Sugar and Bacon Baked Beans are from the Chunky Chef - delicious with Italian Sausages from the grill

Another week, another menu!  I hope you find an idea or a meal plan here that you like!  Have an awesome week!