Sunday, February 10, 2019

Weekly Menu Plan for Week of Feb. 10-16, 2019

This is the week for sweetness!  

In our family, Valentine's Day is also Birthday Day for our youngest granddaughter, so we get a double dose of sweetness!  What a blessing children and grandchildren are!  I hope you have a week filled with lots of opportunities to share the love in your heart! 💕

This past week, I spent (and am still spending) lots of time in my sewing room catching up on projects and organizing.  Still working on it, but making progress!

Since a cold snap was coming, my husband and I decided to do our grocery shopping a day early.  I quickly jotted down a sketchy menu plan, and we headed to the store.  I always go to Aldi's first, then finish up at other grocery stores.  So we filled up our cart at Aldi's, and were heading up to the cashier, when my husband spied a freezer filled with Aldi's super delicious spiral cut hams.  There was a sign on the freezer that said, "OOPS! We ordered to many! $4.00 off each ham."  Well, my menu plan flew out the window with that!  Their hams are the best!  If you haven't tried one, please do.  Each one we've had is delicious.  So, into the cart went a big spiral cut ham.

Now, I've bought a big ham before, and seriously I get so sick of ham by the third day I want to scream!  So I decided to do things differently this time.  When I got home, I sat down and found delicious recipes that used ham in a variety of ways.  I built my whole week around this ham, and I cannot wait to try these recipes!  So it's Ham Week at our house this week!  And I must say that is going to significantly cut down the time I spend in the kitchen this week!  That's the kind of Valentine surprise I like now and then!

Here is my menu plan for this week, with every night ham as the main dish:
For a printable copy of this menu plan, please click HERE.
Recipe links and notes are below.

Broccoli Cheese Casserole is from Big Oven - this is the same recipe I have used since I was first married.  A classic.

Almond Joy Cookies are from Averie Cooks

Cinnamon Roll Muffins are from Mama Knows Gluten Free

Pineapple Upside Down Cake is from good old Betty Crocker

Paula Deen's Peach Cobbler is from, of course, Paula Deen! - this recipe works good with gluten free 1:1 flour as well

Monte Cristo Sandwiches are from She Wears Many Hats

Southern Pea Salad is from The Southern Lady Cooks

Pasta Carbonara is from Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Tuxedo Cake is from Genius Kitchen - special treat for Valentine's Day

Ham Fried Rice is from The Recipe Critic

Ham, Broccoli, and Cheese Quiche is from Cooking During Stolen Moments

All of this week's main dishes are easy for me to adapt for gluten free eating.  I usually just adapt my portion.  For example, I'll use gluten free bread for my Monte Cristo Sandwiches, and gluten free pasta for the Pasta Carbonara.  The desserts I usually skip, unless I bake something gluten free.

That's it for this week!  If you don't want to do Ham Week at your house, 🐷, be sure to look here after Easter when you're trying to use up your leftover ham!
To see where I share menus, click on the tab for Places I Party up at the top.

Have a wonderful, sweet week!  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. The pea salad looks really good. But, oh, the Almond Joy Cookies... wow.

  2. Hi Nancy! The pea salad IS really good! I have made this several times, and we really like it. The Almond Joy cookies make me wish I didn't have to be gluten free! But I do have a gluten free Almond Joy cookie that is different, but good too! Hope you have a good week, thanks for stopping by!

  3. I was in Aldi today just to pick up essentials since I'm trying to use up our cached food (freezer and pantry) and saw the sign about the ham. But since I was in a hurry, I didn't check it out. Guess I'm going to go back tonight and pick one up. We won't have a whole week of ham dishes, though. I'm sure I'm going to put quite a bit of the ham into the freezer into meal-sized packages. I will keep your recipe suggestions to hand.

  4. Hi Elsi! Aldi's has delicious spiral hams! I love your idea of freezing meal-sized packages, I need to do that! But we have not gotten tired of it yet, and Broccoli Cheese Soup with Ham was very good tonight! We have plenty left for the rest of the week, so I might just go ahead and freeze a couple portions tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!